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Thursday, March 03, 2016

Cloudy Skies

The forecast was for intermittent depressions, so I went geocaching after work.  I looked for and found eight, count  'em, eight, caches today.

So this was the view at the half-way point, just about starting to head back down. Probably Cowles Mt. area to the right on the horizon, and the rusty cloudy water tower (I kid!) on the center horizon.

By the way, these are mostly all full-size images linked to the thumbnails.  Click the thumbnails to see the full-size image.

They like to paint their rocks on this hill.  The other ridge that I came up first has been called "Skittles Hill" for all the coloured rocks.

The sun is almost setting, I need to be down THERE before it does, I have no flashlight with me!

I made it down, but I looked for the last cache, near my parking spot, with the flashlight on the phone.  I didn't FIND the cache until after I turned the light off (it wasn't QUITE dark yet).  I discovered today that the key to finding geocaches is to look in the right spot.

Driving home on Prospect, the sun is making a glorious sunset.

That is all for today, what about..yesterday?

 I was going to email this picture of dusty shelves (Do your shelves scream wash me please? (Firesign Theatre reference) but it just never came out very good.

My version of a silly joke on Facebook that I didn't "get", even though I've seen it before.

For the German version of the show:

Another version I made. What if they got a new actress?.

And yet another, although I noted that "If you haven't got a penny, a ha'penny will do".

And now that is TRULY all I've got.

Thanks for reading!

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