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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Thursday, Such As It Was

Today my lower back started hurting a bit around mid-morning, for no particular reason.  It hurt all day, but is a bit less since I got home.  It is nowhere near incapacitating, though.  I did work (such as I do) all the day, and washed the clothes and put together the antenna.  Saved a "hard" Sudoku while reposed in the "little room", a term that this article implies I should not use.

Here's is the antenna, a 2 meter (band) 4 element (number of, uh, elements) quad (shape).  I made it out of PVC pipe according to an article in a book about T-hunting, the art of hidden for hidden radio transmitters.   I need to get the book out, I don't think the feedline is supposed to just hang down like that.  Also, it needs a base to hold it up.  Can I make one out of PVC pipe?

I am too pooped after wrestling with this thing for an hour to test it. Did I mention I had to  put it together?  It was disassembled for storage.

Yesterday I finally found a cache I've looked for before.  I was fortunate in that some of the paint had come off to reveal a tiny shiny patch.  Can you see it?

That is all I got for today,   Happy Friday!

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