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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Saturday In Gulches Of Tierra Santa

I posted this on Facebook, so you have already seen it!

How many jars of nutmeg does one need?  And what shall I do with it all?

Today's geocaching adventure takes place in (some of) the canyon/gulches of Tierra Santa. Here is a view of the caches in the area and the paths I took to get to them.  You will notice I parked in two places, hence the un-joiningness. Parking can be difficult in the TS. They do not find is always necessary to put any parking spaces near canyon trailheads.

The first three pictures are in the area on the right, at the cache on right.

Looking down the valley. The steepness of the hillside is not quite apparent. I am on a narrow ridge, it would be very difficult to go anyway but back up the ridge behind me.

This is a very steep hill back up the narrow ridge.  It is two hundred feet back up to the trail at the top.

This panorama is taken at the top, after I've made my way that two hundred feet back up.  Nifty view on an overcast day!

The trail back down is forward and sort of to the left-ish.

For best results, print out image in colour, cut it out, and wrap it in a circle around your head, taping the ends together.

You will notice that the going up the hill in the distance on the far right is the same road seen below in this picture I posted on January 10th. In the pic below, the ridge on the left is where I took the panorama above.

Next, I move the truck to a new parking spot and visit the two caches in the shorter canyon.

The first one was this very cute little birdhouse.

I had a LOT of trouble with this next one. A LOT of trouble.  How about you?

Really, I spent over thirty minutes looking for it.  Unbelievable!

I was getting a lot of sass from a hummingbird, and after finding the cache I looked a bit and saw the reason for the bird's distress.

I could have, but didn't, move the truck closer to the next canyon, I just walked. It wasn't all that far.  This was an attack from the south on the caches here, as the trails are closed for habitat renewal at the north end. Something I learned last time I was here.  At the north end...

It's about a mile from start to end (one way distance).  In that mile there is one trash can. I have no idea how they empty it, there is only a narrow trail about a foot or two wide.  Here I have noted the coordinates for you, and made a link to Google Maps for your convenience.

Link to Google Maps showing location of trash can.

When I took the lid off this cache these spiders popped out.  I said a bad word...

I climbed out of the canyon to get this cache, then went back down again to head back to the vehicle.  If there was a "cutest cache of the day" award this one would surely get it!

That is about it for the day, I can't think of anything else!

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Anonymous said...

I guess you can make gingerbread with nutmeg. Maybe pumpkin pie.

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