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Thursday, March 10, 2016

New Shoes

I got a pair of new shoes at Target yesterday.  They cost $39.95.  Let us see how long they last!

I also went to Sports Authority to get another pair of hiking books, but they did not have any in my size.  Since they have massive sales going on the place is a bit of a mess, and stocks are severely diminished.

I ordered a new pair of hiking boots today from REI Outlet Store, at a SUBSTANTIAL discount.  As soon as I hit "send" I realized I ordered the wrong size.  And of course my size is not available for that shoe, either.

I guess  that when they eventually arrive I'll have to see if I can return them to the store and just something in my size, at a SUBSTANTIALLY increased price.

I FINALLY got the weather app working on the phone.  I FINALLY followed  the directions in the company's "problems" forum, in which a customer complained he had to restart the app many many times before it would stop crashing.  I did the same, and after twenty or so tries it stopped crashing, and now runs OK.

Thanks for reading!

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