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Sunday, April 03, 2016

Oh, No, Back To Work!!

April 1st -- Friday

I visited a spot for a geocache today that was pretty unusual. It is actually a house that burnt down, probably in the big fire they had in 1986.  Yes, I just checked it, the house is mentioned in an article in the LA Times.  That is pretty sad, it is a pretty cool spot.  I didn't find the geocache, but I found these binoculars, which I left there.

There was lots of broken concrete and bricks and other stuff.  There was melted glass, too, which I kinda wanted to take. Can't find the cache, did I mention that?

You may have seen this on Facebook, a view of Missing Valley from near the, foundation...

This decorated tree is near the entrance.  I found some (empty) medicinal marijuana bottles tossed in the bushes.

This oddly decorated pill bottle was in the tree, was that the cache container?

As I was leaving I took a picture of the view looking down into the valley/ravine below. Lots of flowers, and it felt odd to be looking down on the power lines.  Can you imagine that all burning?

When I got home I found that, a news aggregator site, had changed its look a tad...

And had a piece of geo-art that one could "find".

April 2nd -- Saturday

I did not do ANYTHING all day, but I had company from this bug, which I believe is a Gypsy Moth Caterpillar.

April 3rd -- Sunday

Today ended up going to several places.  One was back to Poison Oak Canyon, also know as The River of Rocks, at least by me.

Looks like poison oak to me.  Glad I don't have to fetch those PVC pipes back there!

Someone left their sunglasses there, and they are STILL there, too!

 I found three of the caches I was looking for, and didn't find one.

Next I went up to look for a newly replaced cache in the UC area.  I got there and fired up the phone app, but, no cache!  The cache owner had posted a note that he had replaced it, but neglected to un-disable it.  So it doesn't show up on the app!  Well, I KNEW where it was supposed to be, and it was, and I used the web browser to log my find.  Which is something I don't normally do, as I don't like typing on the phone.

Next I popped over to a cache a couple of miles away, another one that someone had replaced.  I got there and could not find it anywhere, and there were NOT a whole bunch of wheres for it to be in. Or at. Or something.  So I was sitting there reading the past logs and surreptitiously examining a sprinkler head when a woman ask if I had a cigarette, or even one she could buy for a buck.  Sorry, says I, thinking I'd like to have one myself at this point. 

Then a fellow and his dog came over to ask if I was OK, he not having noticed I had the phone in my hand, it blending in, color-wise, with my shirt of the day.  Green.  And that was how I met Scott and Neil (a cocker spaniel). I told him about geocaching and he helped  me look around for a while, and then we talked for a long time, then we talked to a guy who had a drone.  And that was VERY cool.

And then, about twenty minutes later, we were looking around again and I looked in one last place and there the darn thing was.  I completely had overthought the hide.  Scott was very impressed.

I next drove down to Marian Bear Park and was gonna hit the string of caches in the canyon, but the phone battery was way low and I had not pre-loaded them, so I just did a search for three in the area, and found them.  Here is one:

Altoids containers are very pretty and handy for caches, but they are very NOT waterproof, and they rust.  But this one seems pretty sturdy...

Next I headed over to Kearny Mesa and found three caches, and DNFed one.  But can you see this one?

And that was about it for the day, I came home and have spent more time organizing the images and writing this, not to mention logging the finds on, then I did looking for them!

Have a good week!

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