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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Truly It's Tuesday (Garbage Day)


Monday before work I went looking for a geocache that had been published the night before, one of two, actually.  I didn't find it.

Yesterday the principal was in the place and said she was tire of looking at one of my two bulletin boards.  Well, it's only been up two years, I said not all the kids who made it have graduated yet, ha ha!  Anyway, I took it down today and put up a new one.  Here it is:

And that is how it is gonna stay, at least until I am inspired.

I was in a tossing out mood, and so out goes all the 16mm projector repair stuff.  I just love that Victor lubricating oil, it is in SUCH a pretty blue glass bottle, I am keeping it for nostagia's sake.  But the projector belts just have to GO!  I wonder if there is some craft one can make with them?

I will try to take a better picture of just the pretty blue bottle tomorrow with the REAL camera.

Same with this big projector lamp, I will take another picture of it, sans thumb with the chewed-off nails.

After work today I went for the second of those two newly-publised geocaches.  I find it, either.

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