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Friday, June 26, 2015


I woke up this morning with the lyrics to Oino, by LA Priest, running through my head.  I can't remember ANY of them now, but I do like that song!  Really, I LOVE that song!  But not the video.

Another favorite is Goodbye Barcelona, by Pokey LaFarge.  Makes me wanna have a beer.

Wolf Alice is still a favorite though, with their rendition of Giant Peach.  I saw it live on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic  and was entranced.  Here is another live performance on KEXP Seattle.

I also listen to KRNN in Juneau, Alaska, for their eclectic mix of music, but maybe not quite as eclectic as KCRW, but maybe so in a different direction?

I finally got up and eventually got enough energy together to haul the bike up to the Descanso area and, taking my life in my hands, biked done the Wildwood Glen/Olde Highway 80) road of broken concrete, looking for three geocaches I didn't find before.  Well, I found one of them, but of course it wasn't the one at the END of the road.  I ended up biking about three miles.  I also hiked way down about fifteen hundert feet into a valley for a couple more caches, both which I nearly didn't find, but then did.  It was very warm and I was wondering what the signs of heatstroke are.  Confusion?  I'm always confused.  Clumsiness? Well...  At least I was wearing a hat, had water, food, and stopped in the shade as needed.

I saw this on the side of the road (dirt), across said road from where I parked/stashed the bike.  I sure didn't notice it on the way down, but I'm sure it didn't fall from the sky.  Could I fashion that into a geocache container?  Uh....maybe not.

After I got back to the vehicle I drove back across the bridge to park and hit a couple of more caches on/near a segment of olde Highway 80.  Here's a pic:

The last cache of the day had a view of some casino.  This isn't that view.  It's IS a view of the hills behind the casino valley.  And a view of the vehicle, see it down there?  And the cache I walked past four times is in there, too, can you see IT?  Don't forget you can click on the image to ENLARGE it.

So I drove about fifty miles walked about one miles, and biked about three miles, and found seven caches.

Thanks for reading!

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Deanne said...

I woke up with Love Grows Where My Rosemarie Goes through my brain this morning. Jacob and I watched Shallow Hal last night and they show the credits while the darn song is playing.

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