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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Of Green Lizards & Power Supplies

I guess I posted this on the FB but not here!  We went to the zoo last Sunday and I saw this lizard while going down the rain forest path.  We sat on a bench a few feet away from this little green fellow and he did not run away. 

Today, at work, I made a panorama of the library, in two parts.

The first part:

Remember, these are thumbnails.  You gotta click on 'em to see the BIG picture!

The second part:

My task these last four days of work is to load the LOGO netbooks back into the charging carts.  Not a big deal, but all the power supply/chargers (PS/C) have to be put in, too.  Or they won't charge, you see.

This is the PS/C side of the charging carts.  It is supposed to be all tidy-ish and neat, like the top row (more or less).  Most of the carts are missing most of those black straps that hold the PS/Cs neatly.

I believe they are all going to be taken out again in the Fall, so I just piled them on the cart top.  The doors won't lock on the PS/C side, but who is gonna steal a bunch of chargers?  You can believe the netbook side is locked!

Another cart, an example of what I started with on most of the carts.

Tomorrow I may complain about just HOW those relatively neat ones were improperly oriented, in my opinion, and why.  Possibly with pictures!

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