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Friday, June 19, 2015

As Promised

So here are the Power Supply/Charges (PS/C) I was talking about yesterday. I removed the shelf segment from the charging cart for clarity.  The two on the left are mounted my way, the one on the right is mounted "their" way.    You will notice that with "their way" the AC power cord (carrying the BIG (relatively) juicies ) is on the bottom.

In this closeup you may see that the AC cord is touching the metal "shelf", and in fact the cord plug is supporting the PS/C (in tension with the strap) as the body of the unit is not touching. I do not care for AC cords touching a thin metal piece.  What if the insulation wore through? Shocking! In my experience the AC cord connector can easily come loose and it is difficult to plug back in, too.

With my technique only the low voltage cord is touching metal, and there is no strain on the AC cord or its connector.

It is STILL a tremendous pain to strap in thirty-six of these suckers on each cart.  Takes nearly five minutes each to do a "good enough for the likes of YOU" job.

EDIT:  To sum it up, none of this is going to make r/cableporn on reddit.

Happy weekend!

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