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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Of Saturday AND Sunday


Most of Saturday I did NOTHING, nothing at all, but in the late afternoon I finally got dressed and went for a geocache so I could get the Fun With Favorites souvenir badge.  I needed to find a cache with ten favorite points, and the closest one to me, not counting my own (with nineteen points, I am so proud!), was the Madra Dog, with ten points.  There is a Little Free Library there, too!

And why, you ask, is the image so blurry?  Because it is a thumbnail, and it is enlarged too much.  I made the thumbnails smaller, for reasons I can't explain.  Just click the image and see the Relatively Big Picture!

Madra is in Del Cerro, and is a relatively steep hill.  The vehicle was behaving slightly oddly, I couldn't figure out why until I noticed the Pernandel was in 2 instead of D.

I drove over to the Harry Griffin to do a little kite flying.

First problem was I had no spreader stick.  I had two sticks, but neither was the correct length.  So out with the handy Leatherman to cut one too short, and one just right.

There wasn't much of a breeze, but I was able to get it up into the sky for a few minutes.  Curious dogs wandered by.  It was rather pleasant. 

I was gonna bring my kite line messenger, but the sail seems to have rotted away.

So that was fun!

On the FB last night there was some discussion of old Taco Bell restaurants. I posted this picture of a re-purposed one on El Cajon Blvd.

Image from Google Streetview

On to...


I got up early and went down town to get me some caches.  I found all three of them.  Then I went over to the Pt. Loma area to look for three caches.  Didn't find one, did find the others.

Then I went over to Mission Bay to look for a puzzle cache I had searched for several times before.  It had been replaced, but I still couldn't find it.

I noticed it was low tide so I went over to a cache that is normally water-protected.  I took along my brand new unused water socks but it turned out they were not necessary.

I took pity on the folks on Facebook and didn't post THIS selfie.

Still in Mission Bay, I took a look at this one, but what ever that is in there, it ain't coming out that hole.

On my second visit to this one I managed to spot it in the same place I looked last time.  Funny how often that happens!

Next I went over to Morena Blvd. and found two more caches, and didn't find two.  That ought to add up to ten found today.

Here are my geocaching statistics, for your enjoyment.

Profile for squeakycyclist

Thanks for reading!

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