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Monday, June 08, 2015

Tomorrow Is Garbage Day. Again

First I went out to El Cajon on Sunday morning and found a couple of caches I wasn't able to  look for on Saturday afternoon.  Then I went out to someplace in Chula Vista, southwest of Eastlake.  Not all that far from Olympian High School.

These flowers were in a patch pretty much just there, I thought that was remarkable, so I took a picture.

Trudging up a hill I was raising a lot of dust.  Dust is hard to photography, I find. I was so focused on trying to get a good pic that I walked 110 feet past the geocache.  So I had to got back DOWN the hill, make the find, then back UP the hill.

At the top of the hill I took the selfie, trying desperately for a different facial expression.  That may be Otay Mountain in the background.

This isn't a spoiler, 'cause this is pretty much the only cover around.  A Suspicious Pile of Rocks, as we say. I didn't spot it.  The hint said, "Under a rock".  Huh.  Yes, I finally found it!

Dirt bike riders, and there were a few out today, get their choice of hill climbs.  I was up there, too.  I came down the little one to the right.

I posted this pic on a forum in answer to the query: What Is Your Favorite Shirt?

Just before I left work today we had a visitors to the library.  He is still there.  You may want to wear long pants tied at the ankles if you are coming in tomorrow!

This evening I learned that one must put water into the Sunbeam Hot Shot BEFORE turning it on and ignoring it.  What's that smell?  So much for that, now I gotta buy a new one.

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