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Saturday, April 04, 2015

Yesterday At The Bay

After a day of sloth on Thursday I intended to do a lot of things on Friday, but I didn't bestir myself until almost noon.  And THEN I finally got on the road and headed out to a puzzle cache I had solved some time ago and not found.  The cache owners replaced it while I was on my trip, and I found it after only ten minutes of looking.  I checked the hummingbird nest, too, and looks like a chick in there, but it wasn't moving, and I didn't see the parent anywhere around.

I went down to the bay to find a large cache where I could drop my new TB.  I went to this field of flowers, found the cache, dropped the TB (that's a Travel Bug trackable item).  That is the SeaWorld tower back there.

After that I crossed the road to find another cache, then returned to the vehicle to drive to Fiesta Island for a relatively new cache, and found that one.  I drove over to the dog park and walked out to the point for a cache there, but it turned out to require some physical maneuvering that I didn't care to perform without some assistance. And maybe a couple of Valium.

Next I drove over to Vacation Isle for three, count 'em, THREE, caches, one of which I had DNFed years ago with Phil.  Low tide was helpful in this case.

After that I headed home and made Big Plans for today, none of which have come to fruition at this point.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe that chick was just born, but it probably should have been moving.

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