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Thursday, April 09, 2015

Thursday the Ninth of April

I could have SWORN I had a bunch more poppies than that... maybe gophers??

Nope, the yard guys strike again!

And I'm SURE they salvage the DOZENS of poppy seed pods that were there...

At least they leave the flowers on the bushes alone.  There's a passel of these blooming right now.

What am I reading? Why, I'm reading the second book in the "Imperial Radch" trilogy, Ancillary Sword, by Anne Leckie.  It's pretty good.  Although I get confused about the genders.  "Who knows which is which, and who is who?"*

EMTs and Fire Trucks at work today, but don't know anything about what happened.

Very warm in the bungalow. Had to turn on the fans.

Had a first (or second) time geocacher not find one of my caches today, said it was scary there.  By Albertson's? Well, sort of.  I checked it on the way home, it's still there.  And the urban camper that used to live there is long gone.  I sent a helpful e-mail to the neophyte, I hope they try again.

I ordered some clothes from a store online, it was quite a big step, for me, to order clothing.  I used my new pink cloth tape to measure myself.  I seem to be a "medium" now, not a large.  We'll see if it all fits!

Well, that's all I can think of!

*Us And Them, by Pink Floyd

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