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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Mostly Thursday

The other day, Grocery Day, I saw this Polaris parked, but with a trailer, wouldn't that be fun to cruise the Interstate on?

I've been playing with knot-tying the past few days, you may have noticed.  I did this one yesterday, all nice and tidy, then I got the bright idea to add another strand, so I took it off and loosened it, but then there wasn't enough extra rope to DO another strand, so I tightened it back up, cut the extra bits off, and tucked the ends in out of sight.

I made a panorama of the latest incarnation of The-Library-In-Exile.  It's rather out of proportion 'cause I had to speed up the rotation of me, or at least I THOUGHT I had to.  One of the students tried to get in the shot but just ended up a flesh-coloured pixilated blob.

I can not think of anything else at this time.  Happy Friday to you!

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