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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Catching Up On Stuff Again


Easter morning I went geocaching at Balboa Park.  Didn't find the one I was looking for, again, but I did verify one for someone else, so that was good.  Then I went down to Buchanan Canyon, near the 163 and the 8. 

Here we see the 163 in the background before I turn to my right and head into the canyon.

There were WALLS of poison oak, it was quite amazing.  I found one cache ok, but the other just had too much P.O. around, even though SOME previous cachers didn't see it as a problem.  It just freaked me out so I left.

Some pretty poppies, some blue flowers you can't see very well in this picture, and that wall of poison ivy!

I wanted to show you my rather expensive miniature trash can that I use for storing bird seed.


At work the guys did the pad extension over the break.  They were removing the forms this morning. I believe I took the picture on Tuesday, though.  I wasn't feeling extremely swift on Monday.  Probably ate too much on Sunday!


Finally managed to make one of these folded dollar bill shirts. Definitely needs a tie like the one on the web site.

In the men's facilities I've been wondering at the placement of the hot water heater.  I'm SURE (HOPE!!) it is waterproof, but it is liable to have soap dripped on it, don't you think?


Driving home I noticed this car awkwardly parked.  Several vehicles honked as they had to swerve around it.

The solar-powered birdbath was not working this afternoon.  After much troubleshooting I discovered that algae had blocked the tube.  Cleaned it out, now it squirts like a champ!

I also refilled the bird feeders.

I tried to apply some window film to a test window on the kitchen door.  It went badly.  I am very disappointed, but now I understand why the film I took off the windows some years ago was so badly done.  It's HARD!!

I felt somewhat better today than Tuesday, and especially Monday.  Today was very busy, for a change, as I went to three classes to check out novel sets to the students.  I had the usual suspects after school, and a concerned parent who was told I was responsible for something that didn't get done, when in fact it turned out I didn't have anything to do with it at all.  But it was all very confusing for a bit.

I finally finished The Name Of The Rose.  It quite fascinating, and quite involved, and I'm sorry I couldn't give it the attention and appreciation it deserves.  At least I made it through, which is more than I can say for those two books that come after Neal Stephenson's  Quicksilver, I forget their titles.

Better quit while I'm ahead, thanks for reading!

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