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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Saturday In The Park

I went down, or over, to Balboa Park this morning.  I found a puzzle geocache that I've looked for several times before.  FINALLY I looked in the right place!

I did a short multi-cache that I was able to walk to from the same parking place, so no gas wasted.  I didn't understand there was some math involved to calculate the location of the final cache.  I just looked at the hint, went there, and signed the log.  Although I ALMOST didn't find it.  I was sitting and thinking for quit a little while before I realized I was right next to it.

Next drove over to the other side of Florida Canyon to Bird Park.  I didn't have a clue on this one, and I've been here before looking, back in 2013.  This time I had a very slight nudge from someone and it finally clicked after a bit of thinking.

After finishing up there I drove BACK across Florida Canyon to Myrtle Way.  I actually parked on Upas St., though, and walked.  There are some very nice houses in this area!  There used to be an old pergola here, but it fell down during a storm in 2004. I don't know HOW old it was, but I saw a picture of it dated 1924.  Now it's just a fenced area.  Which wasn't locked. Which is how I got on the inside...

Some years ago the City of San Diego set aside a half-million bucks to fix the pergola, but some people thought that was just a bit too much money for a shaded bench, so most of the money was used to fix the leaky roof of a museum.  I'd like to see the pergola, but you could build a HOUSE for a half-million bucks!

I headed down the steps into the canyon, then hung a right, went north a bit, then east again.  What ho!  Another canyon!  I managed to find two caches there after a great deal of aggravation.  One was very small, one was rather large.  Both were in irritating places.  I walked back to the vehicle and headed on north.

I tried to find a cache near the Vermont St. bridge, but failed, as did the two previous cachers.  I did get some Bob's oatmeal from the nearby Ralph's, as I parked in their parking lot.

Lastly, I almost forgot there was a cache on Park Blvd. I had figured out, yet another puzzle cache, but fortunately not one involving encryption, math, or the scoring of obscure sports.  There was a picture of where it was, you just had to figure out where that where was.  It took me about a half-hour, then I realized I've been in that building dozens of times, and even in the building previous to that one, having bicycled there for supplies, once, back in the 60s, as a lad.  And an easy find it was.

So much for today!

Last night I made this frozen pizza for dinner.  Too much work, too many decisions!  I'll NOT be going that route again!

I have loan of the temperature sensor this week.  I measure my oatmeal this morning, it was 160.8°F after dumping lukewarm milk into it.  After coming back from geocaching this noon I made some tea, it was 182.5°F.

That's all for now, thanks for reading!

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