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Monday, April 20, 2015

Geocaching During The Week

I felt a momentary surge of enthusiasm and energy after work so I went geocaching.  Over in Chollas as I was stopped to check the phone GPS I looked over and saw this, what may be a sacred totem to someone, but I'm sorry to say my first impression was of a television charactor from public television.

Is that a teepee or a folded patio umbrella next to it?

This terrifyingly mutilated doll was laying on the exact GZ of a geocache, so I poked it a few times to see if it WAS the geocache, or maybe even haunted, but it seem it was neither, I found the cache twenty feet away.

It is coming up on time for the annual Cache In/Trash Out (CITO) Day, a day where geocachers meet up to pick up trash in an area.  I'm planning on going to the Santee Lakes event.  Today I was at a park where I found some loose pages from, and even several complete, "adult" magazines in the brush, so I took it upon myself to pick them up and dispose in a trash can, covering the magazines with pine needles, "not unlike a geocache" I believe is how I put it in the log.

Yes, the geocache GZ (ground zero) IS in the picture, don't tell anyone.

In another part of the park there were some very fabulous sculptures, here is one of them.

So sad, a discarded bottle of jaeger joy, how the mighty have fallen.

I got nothin'.

It IS such a pretty green, though, don't you think?

I read an on-line article reviewing the Harbor Freight wood toolbox, comparing it to the Gerstner tool boxes.  It was agreed that the Gerstner is MUCH nicer (heirloom quality!), but it costs between $445 and $1,345, and up, and this guy only cost $80.  The author and I decided we can live with that.

Anyway, now I have a place to stick all those little modeling tools that are getting underfoot.

"Airing out the stench of cheap imported wood"

That's all for today!

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