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Monday, December 29, 2014

Sunday & Monday

Sunday I went geocaching.  Big surprise!  I went to Santee and Lakeside and even braved Wildcat Canyon Road to pick up a few caches on Muth Valley Road.

Here's a pic from the path at Lakeside River Park:

That evening I made a salad for dinner.  I may have dumped too many Bacon Bits on there...

While logging my finds yesterday I noted there were bunch of caches just to the north at Oakoasis County Park.  So I went there TODAY (Monday).

I missed the turn the first time so I had to turn around and hit it the other way, which I did.

Parked (no charge!) and headed out on the trails.  Lots of oak trees!

I can't remember what these flowers ARE, but I'm pretty sure they ARE NOT lemonade berry flowers. I think.

There was a lot of hiking involved, but most of it was pretty flat.  Except the parts that weren't!

I was most impressed with the views of the San Vicente Reservoir.

Here are a couple pics I took from one view point.  Vote for your favorite!

Picture #1

Picture #2

After a GREAT DEAL of further hiking along secret trails I got to a view point that was quite a bit closer.

I particularly was entranced with that island (Lowell Island), which is not an island until the water level comes up a bit more.

I found thirteen caches today for a 100% find rate. For today. Only.


Anonymous said...

Salad is good. Don't forget your protein!

The Squeaky Cyclist said...

There's enough salt in them bits of fake bacon to turn Lake Murray into a salt lake, I reckon.

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