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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Still Thursday

Yes, it's been Thursday all day.

I heated a toasted cheese sandwich in the microwave at work the other day.  When biting into it I realized I hadn't removed the white piece of paper from the mozzarella cheese slice I used.

Some pictures from around work, and especially the library-in-exile, as I've taken to calling it in The FB.

So, we have here the entrance to the library.

Peering through the doorway to the left side of the room.

Peering through the doorway to the right side of the room.

A giant (large file size) panorama one end of the room.

And a giant (large file size) panorama of the other end of the room,

The view out the library window.  They started working this morning on preparing the ground for the eventual pouring of a slab.

Bobcat (I think) bringing in the dirt, and you will notice the man working the dirt-stomping machine.

That green machine, I don't know just what it does, but there it is.

Earlier this morning I immortalized the surviving speaker on the auditorium roof in a digital photo, along with the colorful fall foliage, and having now posted said photo on the internet, it ain't NEVER gonna go away.

And lastly, we have a peaceful-looking space between two buildings, newly landscaped after construction finished on that part.  Will the ugly chain link fence be restored?  Who knows, I hope not.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think the green machine is a BOMAG BMP 8500 multi-purpose articulated compactor.

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