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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve 2014

I went geocaching this morning, because I am weak.

I went down to Robyn's Egg Trail, to start, in Mission Hills.  I drove down, not on the freeway, but on El Cajon Blvd. the whole way, not wanting to deal with traffic.  And it wasn't too bad, either.

After parking the vehicle and the obligatory DNF (Did Not Find) at Pioneer Park (where the bodies are!) I headed down the trail.

And I have no idea why it is named Robyn's Egg Trail, Google was un-helpful.

Parts of the trail are in not-so-great condition, I must report.  This might be a good place for some enterprising Boy Scouts to place old Christmas trees to control erosion, as I read in Boys' Life oh-so-many years ago.

As you can see the trail narrows and is collapsing.  Which way to fall, into the ditch or into the cactus?

Yikes!  I was so scared I jiggled the camera during the taking of the picture!

Spooky and narrow, this is a fun part!

We can see all the way to the airport down there!

My first selfie today!

I like this one, too.  This is another of our San Diego "Sewer" canyons as I decided to call them.

Zoomed in a bit, there's a light at the end of the canyon!

At the bottom of the canyon I walked around the commerical area to find four more geocaches, including one at the brewery complex.

I then returned back up the canyon, making one more find there, a multi, for a total of three in the canyon proper.  I ate a granola bar and headed over to Balboa Park.  I went down Richmond St. to the secret dead end bridge and found the cache there.  Last time I went for a cache at that spot I rode the bike, not knowing you can drive there.

Next I drove over by the golf course and found some more caches there.  Found these stairs, too.  Grumpy cacher wants to know what they are for, as they don't go anywhere in particular.

You may have seen this pic on The FB

I tried to get as much as possible into this picture.  There's an airliner going by, a city truck doing something noisy to the sewer down there, and a selfie, of course.  The stairs in the picture above would be up that draw just to the right above my hat.

I lay on my back to get this shot of a different airliner, not the one above, silly!

I found eleven caches today, near as I can figure, so that is enough of THAT!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

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