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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Down In The Swizer

Feeling somewhat better than I did Friday I got out and about a bit today.  I picked up the yarn bins from Mrs. D. today.  It's only a year late!  We had a nice conversation, too, and I met one of her sons.  I was of no help fixing her computer, though.

After that I headed over to Switzer Canyon to find some geocaches, and saw this backyard railroad as I was returning to the vehicle.  Looks like it has not been run in a while, what with the plants growing over the track.

I went after one more cache on the other side of of the canyon, then I called B. and we met up at his new digs and had a bit of a chin wag, and watched a bit of Lawrence Of Arabia on the telly. 

I made it home just as dusk was settling in, so that worked out!

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