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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

On Sunday we went to Pottery Canyon Natural Park in La Jolla.  It's a little park, there aren't any tables or benches or play equipment.  Just a nice little walk and some historical interest.

Plenty of eucalyptus trees and their leavings on the ground.

In La Mesa, by the Auto Zone, we saw this truck with a load of a couple of drop tanks, I guess.  Probably for the La Mesa Air Force.  Just seemed unusual enough to warrant a pic.

At work I took these pictures (as opposed to the pictures above, which M. took) of a flowering...WHAT?  I have no idea, and nothing shows up on the internet.

I finally figured out that the stick into the ground is not a root, just a stick.  So obviously someone set this up.

But they certainly look like they are growing out of what ever that is.

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Deanne said...

Finally caught up with what you've been doing. So what's going on with the foot? Eucalyptus trees--not my friend. Allergic to them and there are so many creams and the like that have Eucalyptus oil/extracts in them that I have to check labels. Been raining off and on but it now seems to have stopped. Wasn't going to bake till Friday but decided since I wasn't doing anything till this evening I might as well get crackin'. Still have quite a bit of cookies to bake this week but nice to get a head start

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