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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Slightly Drizzle-ly

I saw a new geocache pop up EARLY this morning, around six-ish, so I was inspired to go for it.  Except I wanted to do some caches on El Cajon Blvd. first.  So I did.  And those caches, for the Cake series, were delicious!

Then I headed out to Tierrasanta.  Along the way I found it had rained, and the rising sun reflected blindingly on the road. 

First I went to the new cache but didn't find it.  Too bad, because it was titled "12/13/14", and that's today's date.

Next I went to the creepy swimming pool cache.  No one was there, because, RAIN, so a quick find was made and I was outa there!

After that I drove up the hill a bit to a Nano cache, but didn't find that  one.  I DID find this view across Mision Gorge to see the fog coming through the pass from Santee.

I found another cache, then I went for this one down this abandoned road.  It turned out to be my 3,000th find, and so have reached another of my geocaching goals for this year.

File size:  TWO megs!  But you can REALLY zoom in!!

I found this cache very amusing.

I then drove home, and now that this blog entry is finished I'm going to take a nap!

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