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Friday, December 12, 2014

Feels Like Friday

Hey, it stopped raining again!

Well, it was raining this morning!  When I came to work this area had all that freshly compacted red dirt that you will remember from yesterday, and a few minutes later the men (You men?  You Orelly men?) had covered it up with this plastic, and you will notice that one corner has blown over from the tremendous morning wind.  

I think I had maybe four students come to check out books today.

Upon leaving I spied this cable television splitter that predates my starting work here.  No longer in use, I'm afraid, just a little bit of history.  The bungalows are going to be demoed next year, I hear.

Under the library bungalow there is palm tree struggling to survive.

Driving to my medical appointment  I spied a Kalifornia Christmas Tree! Not really, it's been there for several months.

The elevators were temporarily not working when I arrive so I went up the stairs.  Nice view out the windows.  Of Walmart.

I took the stairs coming down, too (my choice, this time.), and it was much easier. Going down the stairs.  Going WITH gravity.

I went to the Staff Holiday party and had a nice time, but I missed the White Elephant gift exchange.  But I didn't miss the food!  Ate too much sugar, I'm sure!

Oh, my doctor gave me a referral to a neurologist, for my weird foot-thing.  She said one muscle is pulling enough.  So I don't have that going for me.

Also, when I got home, there were reminders of next week's medical stuff.  How fun it's gonna be!  At least there will be geocaching!

P.S.  You gots to see the socks I received today!  Soon, it will be soon...

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