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Thursday, December 04, 2014

Past It

Apparently I am completely senile, as I just got off the phone with the clinic who I called to see when my next vitamin injection was, and they told me I had missed my injection on Nov. 26th.  I could have SWORN I went there, what the heck else did I have to do that day?  I checked the blog entry and there is no mention of getting the injection, so I guess I didn't.  I guess I need a personal assistant, or a minder.

Our manzanita bush at work now has a big tent over it.  I do not know WHY it has a big tent over it, but it was mentioned that people appear to be cutting branches off of the poor bush.  I'm too lazy to link to the picture I took of the Big-Tent Manzanita, or indeed, even to upload it.  Probably because of the senility thing.

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