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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Floodtime In National City

I decided yesterday today that I would go down to National City and see the King Tide.  So I did. I left the house around 5:30 AM and got down there around six.  I knocked off a few geocaches, then one hour before the King Tide peak, about 7:00 AM, I stopped by THE SPOT and took some picks.

First thing I did when I got there was take a couple of selfies.

Trying for something not scary, but with ducks.  Yup, there are some ducks there, some where.

The water is high, but not super-high, yet.

There's a nifty walkway so you can get right out there and see stuff.

There is a lot of trash floating around, and the playground nearby isn't looking too good.


Here are some ducks!

Did I mention where this is?  No?  It's West 18th St. and Hoover St. in National City.

Here's a couple of shot of the road crossing, a little bridge, if you will. One with car...

And one without.  You can see the tide is quite high, but remember there is still an hour to go!

Okay, I left for an hour and found some more geocaches, then I came back around 8:00 AM.  The water is now out into the street.

I parked here on Hoover St. first.

Yikes!  I wonder how clean that water is?  Good thing for this business it is Sunday!

Headed towards the walkway, but looking back over there, I walked around that corner earlier to get the "bridge" shots.  Not now!

Yup, I think we are full-up here!

I drove the truck around the big puddle to get these "bridge" shots.  Gently hitting an underwater curb in the process.

The chain-link fence is filtering all the trash in the water!

Flood time on the Mississippi was an expression I used a lot in my youth.

Gotta have one shot with a car in it, makes it more interesting.

This last shot is completely out of order, but I'm too lazy to change it.

I found eleven geocaches this morning, and did not find five, I think.

Then I came home and had pancakes and coffee.

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