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Friday, August 29, 2014

It's Friday, But It Is LIke Two Weeks Of Images Here, Man!

I'll try to catch up on the pictures.  Some of these have been posted on the FB, some have not, and some may be in the future.  Que sera, sera.  Isn't there an accent mark in there somewhere?

From August 10th, a picture I took of an old map showing the Lake Murry/San Carlos area. I found it at the downtown library.  I did not note the date of the map, but I would estimate it at the early 60s.

From August 17th, at the Torrey Pines Gliderport.  Philip is to the right, JUST out of the picture.  So much for the composition I was going for.

Library panorama, dated August 21st. About a half meg of picture there.

Taken on August 21st, construction at the school.

Also dated August 21st, this one is a little to the right of the one before. Somewhat more liberal, I guess.

The next SIX pictures, through the sunflower one, are dated August 25th.  Here we see the guys getting ready with the concrete hose to pour the sidewalk.

Concrete squirting out.

Because concrete squirting out is just so cool!

Giant heavy duty extension cord compare to a regular heavy duty extension cord.

The concrete is poured, but there is still a lot of work to do!

Flowers soon!

Taken on the 26th of August. The thumbnail shows correctly, but the full size image is upside-down in the browser, I know not why.  Looks fine in Irfanview!  Anyway, the picture demostrates using the earphone volume control as a remote shutter control.  And the danger of looking silly with dinner in one's mouth while doing so.

These seven construction pics are from August 27th.  That was, uh, Wednesday. Two days later this parking lot looked almost finished. But I didn't take a picture of that!

Fence poles for the new fence.

Following the caution tape to the library entrance.

Hang a left and head down the hall. 

The office building being renovated. The office staff is in the library for a few weeks.  See the panorama picture earlier!

I don't know what this guy is doing in the hole, it just struck me as humorous.

Doors, walls, and windows in new places on the office building.

These last three were taken today, August 29th.  I took this one in the morning before I went to work, because there were flowers!  And there was a request some weeks ago to see them! So here they are! No, they are not taller than me, I am crouching a bit.  The taller sunflower is about at head height.

On top of the parking garage this afternoon.  I could SEE downtown San Diego in the distance, but it is not showing up in the pic.

Facing towards Cowles Mountain on the top level of the parking garage.

What did I find out today?  Well, I learned that the tumor I had removed over a decade ago was the size of a baseball.  I thought it was smaller than that.  I of course knew that it has returned, which I why I was on the roof of the parking building.  No, no, I was just parking there, it's much easier to maneuver!!  Ha ha!  No, it's why I was at the clinic today.  I did not learn anew that what I got is a Low Grade Neuroendocrine Tumor, but I DID write it down so I could 'member it.  I also learned some other "interesting" things, but the doctor said not to worry about them.  I will find out next week, but I think I will probably start radiation in the week after that.  Sounds like radiation will, because of the location, be a bit of a punch in the guts, unlike the other time (the second cancer, this being the third), which was really a piece of cake.  On the other hand, it beats the heck out of the Whipple-ish surgery I had the first time with this Low Grade Neuroendocrine booger!


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Deanne said...

So I figured after reading your FB status that I missed some information on your blog about why you were having radiation. So you have a name for your tumor. I would think anything is better than your Whipple procedure. The Whipple is supposed to be one of the most gnarly procedures around...was even on a Grey's Anatomy episode. Anyway, hope the radiation isn't too much of pain. How long often and how long do you have to have radiation?

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