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Monday, August 04, 2014

It's Monday Now, But This Isn't About Today, Mostly

The other night I was watching television, if you can imagine, and on Emergency! they responded to a car crash, but the drivers were missing!  But I noticed that one of the cars was a Lotus Europa, and thought it a shame that an example of one of my favorite cars was busted up, but hopefully not just for this scene!  I don't remember how the story played out, I fell asleep or went to the bathroom or something.

Driving downtown on Saturday morning the trolley went by.  Which picture do you like more?

Is that not a little creepy? 

I drove downtown to do one cache, a virtual, then to UCSD to do, let us see, I think it was five more.  One was a multi-cache.  Then out Santee to DNF that puzzle again.  All different types of geocaches I need for the 7 Souvenirs Of August activity, which with five bucks might get you a cup of coffee somewhere.

On Sunday morning, breakfast at IHOP with a bunch of geocachers, and with Patches the dog and his new friend geocacher geofever.  Just and instant before Patches had his massive jaws encircling geofever's arm. It would have been a great picture!

Now Patches is just going to lick him to death!  I WAS sitting in that chair, but Patches was just too affectionate!

Well, I got the event souvenir for that meet up.  In the late morning Matt and I drove (HE drove) to Lake Elsinore where I finally nabbed a puzzle cache that even I could easily solve.  I and the Internet!  Then we went over the mountains to San Juan Capistrano, where we found a cache, one that would count for another California county.  Oh, the Lake Elsinore one did, too!

We had a late lunch at Ruby's Diner, a mostly hamburger-type of place.  The onion rings were most excellent.

Then driving home we were nearly killed, except not, by a lady driving a convertible while wearing an enormous scarf that obstructed her vision.  I gave her THE LOOK.

Monday I did nothing but wait for, uh, stuff, to happen.  And it very slowly did. Is.

I need one more cache type to complete the series, and would be either an Earthcache, or a Cache In Trash Out (CITO) event.  There is one tentatively scheduled for later in the month, but I wanna get it done.  There are several Earthcaches on the west side town, but that would require driving in that horrible traffic.  I've decided to head east, young man, east to Cuyamaca Rancho State Park.  Much longer drive, but much less traffic.  Now all I gotta do is decide what day.


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