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Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I have a distinct lack of energy for a great many things, which does not bode well for the future.  It was so stinking warm at work today, and my "stomach" was so very uncomfortable, that it was just a bloody miracle I made it through the day. 

I do feel much better now, at nearly ten P.M., though.

I saw this on the newsfeed the other day:  Cyclist Struck By Trolley At Spring Street .  I've been through that intersection so many times on a bicycle that I can not really visualize the chain of events/decisions that led to this "accident".  I wish there was a video of what happened. 

I never heard of Brammo before, but Yahoo! News come through TWICE in two days with articles/links that actually were usual and/or interesting!  That other one, using the earphone volume control for a camera shutter, I just love that one!

Well, to suffer through tomorrow, then Friday, and then Friday afternoon to the appointment I made at the point of the day I am at my lowest ebb to get set up for the next, what, five weeks?  Wowsers!

And so to bed!

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