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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Wenesday Out And About

I dove up to Stonewall Mine in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park this morning 'cause I needed an Earthcache type of geocache to complete the August geocaching thing. 

In no particular order that I can discern, I present today's pictures:

 There are some guys in boat in that pic, if you click on it for the big version!!

So this is Fletcher Island, as is the above, I think, but I'm lower down the hill here, or closer, or something.

I have no idea why there is an electrical pipe coming out of the ground, with wires in it, in the middle of a hillside of grass, with no apparent electrical feeds anywhere near.  I hope those wires are not live!

Horses passing by over on the "mainland" as I am about to cross the bridge from Fletcher Island, where I found a geocache.

Manzanita tree, illuminated with camera flash.

This stretch of trail had an inordinate amount of horse poop on it.

Squirrel in tree, eyeing me.

The museum at Stonewall Mine.  I think I could live in that cute little building!

One of the parking lots at Stonewall Mine.  Those are the bathrooms across the way. Good to know!

There is a chain-link fence around the mine, but I poked the camera through for a shot of the hole.

Mine hoist, and part of the chain-link fence.

View of the grasslands one passes through to get to the Stonewall Mine area.  See the black dots on the road by the big bush?  Those are turkeys.

Tele-zoomed in, we see the wild turkeys somewhat more better.

I found nineteen caches today, and I spent probably thirty bucks for gas and parking, so I calculate each cache cost me $ 1.57789473.  Probably cheaper than a baseball game.

It would have been twenty caches even today but it turned out that one, the one at the bridge, was actually from a "private" series placed by the park rangers. And this particular one is very close to the one I was looking for. So I don't get to take credit for that one!

Oh, and I walked 2.7 miles today.  Felt like three...

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