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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Down To The Downtown

We managed to snag a parking place a block away from Petco.  Here I am in the obligatory selfie, with the library dome in the background.

Here is the infamous PETA brick at Petco Park.

After eating luncheon at Lolita's (Chimichangas--Me beef, him chicken) we walked over to the "new" library.  We waited around until the guided tour, which was very interesting.  Here is a view from the ninth floor to the south.

This is also on the ninth floor, with the dome above.

Before I took the picture above I spent some time pushing the wrong buttons.  This is the result.
What did I push now? (link goes to a five MB .MOV very short movie.)

After the library we drove up to the suspension bridge at Spruce Street.  I manged to get across and back without a panic attack, and only minimum of nerves.

Driving up the Boulevard we saw a number of interesting things.  This is the only thing I took a picture of:

What is up with these wheels?  Looks like he needs new springs.  Needs a new muffler, too, it sounded like.

That is about all I got for today!

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