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Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday On The River

I had nothing to do (A lie!) so I went geocaching this late morning.  I drove down to some place and didn't find the cache there, for the fourth time, then I drove somewhere else near there and didn't find the cache there, for the second time.  Then I drove to a scary place near the Mission, on the River, and didn't find the cache there, but walking north to the next one I found that one!

And I took these pictures of a couple of spots along the river/lake.

It's a jungle out there!

That is Mission Gorge Road in the distance, on that bridge thing, heading into Grantville.

It is not-so-much a jungle out there.

Well, that was a bit of walking, it it was none too cool out, either.  I'm gonna have to estimate it was around 85 degrees.  But the walk was not scary, like I thought.  And only a little PO.

Next I drove over to Mission Gorge in Navajo and found a couple of caches there.  so that was three caches found, and three not found, right?

And then I went home.


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