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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Chula Vista, Chula Vista

I don't know if you have ever heard the Chula Vista song, here is the link to it on Youtube.

I woke up early this Sunday Morning, in the dark, and FORCED myself to get up and go geocaching.  By the time I loaded the caches in the GPSr it was 6:30 AM, but I headed out anyway, forcing myself.

I got some cash and gassed up the mobile.  Drove down the freeway (it's EASY on Sunday Morning!) to the Chula Vista Marina area.

Here I am at the first cache, in the Chula Vista Marina Park.  I found the cache, then took the picture.  Or, the other way 'round.  It was low tide.  Lots of mud flats.

Actually, I made a boo-boo, it is Marina View Park.  I guess the pics are mislabeled, too.  Too late now!  At least it IS in Chula Vista!

There were lots of ducks and seabirds and pigeons and other bird life down by the big bird sculpture near the marina.  I think this park is the south end of Bayside Park. This is not far from the third geocache I found today.

I found another geocache after that, one I spent a very long time looking on a previous visit just over a year ago.  This time I walked right to it. 

The next cache, well, I SPOTTED it, but some guy was parked right near it so I couldn't grab it.  He was even there when I came back an hour late to check on him.  How rude!

Next I went down to find another cache I DNFed before, but it turns out I was mixed up, and it was yet ANOTHER cache I DNFed TWICE before.  It involved a long walk along a narrow bike path to get there.  A very BUSY bike path.  I made sure to check both ways before crossing, and didn't stick my walking stick into anybody's spokes.  I'm nice that way.  I found this one, too, but it took a good long search.  The previous two cachers to this hid logged that they couldn't find it, so I felt mighty proud.

After checking on that guy hanging around at that other cache, I went over to the trolley station to look for one there.  It is only a few blocks away.  I found the cache, utilizing the hint (as usual!), in only a few minutes.  I had already LOOKED at the hinted spot, I just didn't see it.  And it was in plain view, too.  That camo tape works good!

Nearby across the fence there was some boat restoration going on.

This one is the Wanderlust. I can't find any information about this one.  The ship's name is not uncommon.

A close-up of the rudder.  I just thought it was interesting.

And here is the top of the rudder, and the stern light.  Dress them cables, man!

This is the Swift Of Ipswich. It belongs to the Los Angeles Maritime Institute. You can read about it here.  Oddly, the picture I took TODAY seems quite at odds with the pictures of recent work on this website.   The picture of the figurehead area in particular looks much nicer than on mine.  On reflection and looking at other pictures, I guess they just haven't done this side yet.

After all that caching fun, in which I found 100% of the caches, although I never got to sign the log on that one, I went home.

Matt came over to bleed his brakes.  He certainly appreciated the use of my floor jack.

Check out this new-fangled stem-less wheel!  Where do you put the air in?

Since the hubcap is held on by the lug nuts, it is a bit more work to fix that!  Again, thank goodness for the floor jack!

That is all I got for today, have a restful September 1st tomorrow!

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