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Sunday, February 02, 2014

Hither & Thither

I was feeling so fabulous (and actually awake) that I went down to the Balboa Park to find them dang geocaches I didn't find last week.

Well sir, I found all three of them, so that was good!  It is just a matter of looking in spot where they are, that's all! Three of them were around the zoo parking lot, which is large enough to have five caches around it spaced at least a 1/10th of a mile apart.

I actually found four caches, but one was one I hadn't looked for before, but I had scoped out where it was.

After all that wonderfulness I drove over to Golden Hill Park.  Saw some purty flowers and some interesting rock work.  Nearby is the Bennington Memorial Grove.

So here is a pretty orange flower.  It was hard to take a picture of as it was down the hillside a bit.

Near it was this display of white stars.

Those rock steps go down into a pit that has a rock stove, which didn't quite make it into the picture. There is also a LOT of broken glass, and graffiti.

Nearby were some other steps that went all the way down into the canyon.  I saw this gas cap sitting on top of a stump.  It looks really old!

After all that excitement I went over to a little spot behind Balboa Stadium where there was a cache.  In fact it is right there at the spiral end of that pedestrian bridge over the freeway.  I'm sure I've been in that stadium once or twice, but I don't remember when.  Probably for half-time shows.  Found the cache here, but I needed the hint.  I needed the hint on most of them today!

Then, then I went down to the bay!  Parked over by the Coast Guard station and made my way along the water.

I took this picture of the Maritime Museum to conceal my replacement of a cache I had just signed the log of.  Of?

I want to says there are guys up there in the rigging, but they may not be all "guys". Probably AREN"T all guys!  I could hear the crew yelling to each other.  Those old-tyme sailing ships must have been noisy places.

There, now you can see 'em bigger, if not clearer.

The last cache, I could SEE it, but there was a lady sitting there selling t-shirts.  I need a gold one, but she didn't have any.  So I left that cache for next time.  EARLY next time!

So I found twelve caches today, and there were two Did Not Finds.

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