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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Damp Feet

I needed a cache for today, I was up early, and there was a new one sort of on the way to work.  A perfect storm...

I headed to the spot, figured out how to access the area, and headed into the brush.  I wasn't having much luck at first, but I persisted.  I saw something odd in the dawnserly light, and used my LED headlamp to light it up.  It was the cache!  Signed the log and made my way back to the truck.  This time I used a path that didn't require me to get my shoes muddy.

A I wasn't even late for work!

My catsup spill joke-thingie is looking very sad and un-ketchup-like.  Here is one final photo before I toss it in the trash.

It's just as well, I can't even think of anyone to play it on.

After a meeting at the IMC in the afternoon I went caching in Ruffin Canyon.  The iPhone took me DIRECTLY TO a cache I had looked for, unsuccessfully, before.  I HAD looked here before, but THIS time I perceived its true form.

I headed down the canyon, here is the view looking south towards Mission Valley.

Hitting the north end of the canyon, a ham radio antenna looms above.

I got six caches today, so it was a good day of geocaching.  The iPhone, while not always as right-on that first Ruffin Canyon cache, did a good job for me.  And it took most of today's pictures, too!

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