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Friday, February 07, 2014

Friday Mish-Mash

FIRSTLY, a picture of the Operating Postion quite a few years ago. The equipment consists of:

Hammarlund HQ-170 ham band receiver
Viking Ranger II AM/CW transmitter
Radio Shack DX-440 shortwave receiver.
Regency scanner
Olson SWR meter
Heathkit antenna switch
MFJ antenna random-wire antenna tuner

Between the Hammarlund and the Viking are some radio crystals. I do not remember why they are there. Maybe left over from the Globe Scout, which may even be sitting left of the Hammarlund, or maybe for a frequency marker I had. Surely I did not take this picture with the Nikon!

SECONDLY, I just discovered a few minutes ago that Jane Krakowski was in National Lampoon's Vacation!

THIRDLY, I found out that the reason I don't get voice messages is that hadn't turned that feature on.

FOURTHLY, I tripped across the information (newspaper articles) on the web, newly-indexed (I guess), that affirms the story that a fellow I knew in the service told me about how he ended up there. Woah!

And FIFTHLY, every sunflower seedling I planted outside has been et, by snails, I assume, except two. What a world.

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