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Friday, February 14, 2014

St. Valentine's Day 2014

After not passing out during blood labs this morning I decided to go geocaching because, what the heck else do I got to do, eh?  Clean the house?  Organize the mounds of paper laying about? That stuff is for the proles!

Today I decided to head out to the Los Coches Wallmart area and get all them caches up on the hill, at the least the ones that survived the burn of 2013(August).

I parked right next to a cache location, but a taxi came up and parked nearby, so I left it.

I was passing near cache #2 but saw a couple of guys sharing a smoke and decided to leave that one, too.  One of the fellows called out, "Are you doing that geocaching thing?"  Well, caught, I talked to him for a while, found the cache, and we both signed the log.  May have another convert!

I headed up the dirt road and found a several caches, without much drama.  Took these pictures at one point, showing the Walmart below and El Cajon Mt. (El Cap) in the distance.

Speaking of pictures, when I make the pictures x-tra large, like these, it is the THUMBNAIL that is getting enlarged. That is why the quality is not-so-much.  You gotta click on the image to load the full-size original! 

 This is totally the fault of people live in uncivilized places and only have dial-up internet.

This one seems to be of me smiling, or something like.  I'm putting it on the Face Book!

At the peak I took out my iPhone and found I had four calls and two garbled messages from Mrs. P.  I called her back, we decided the garbled messages were butt-dials.  She invited me for tacos, as she was cooking the hamburger right then, but I told her I was kinda unavailable, being on top of a large hill, to wit:

The View  From The Spot

So there you got El Cajon Mt. (El Cap).  At last I left and went back up the trail to another cache, where I discovered I had left the belt pouch for the iPhone back and the previous cache, which was here. So there.

It was pretty much down hill after this, except for one steep uphill, and a cache that someone decided to put in the bottom of a canyon when they COULD have put it a hundred feet closer to the road and avoided the threat of barbed wire, giant boulders, and bees.  But they didn't.

Eventually I got back to the truck, where I was able to grab that first cache.  Signed the log, then had to outwait multitudes of muggles before I could replace it.  Such is the life.

I walked 4.55 miles today. I found thirteen caches, and had one DNF (Did Not Find). My average per day for this year (2014) is 2.2222, with a total of 100 caches found this year.

I have two more mandatory caching days in February, the 23rd and the 27th.

I sure I didn't get any of the poison oak that was so prevalent at the DNF cache.  That WOULD be adding injury to insult!

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Anonymous said...

Ah ha, that's so funny! You got butt-dialed! Abel gets that all the time since he is the first name in many people's contact list.

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