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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday In The Hills

I went up Spring Canyon in Mission Trails Regional Park to get a cache, then I crossed over (staying on approved trails!) the ridge to Oak Canyon for another cache, then back to the vehicle.

I smelled a lot of smoke when I started out, but after a mile or so it went away.  Nothing on the news, of course!

I haven't a clue what this represents, but it is in Spring Canyon.

Resting a spell in Oak Canyon, I am looking south-ish towards the 52 bridge. 

On the way back to the truck I passed a trio of Moutain Rescue Team members using a radio direction finder to look for a downed aircraft. I forgot to ask if they were practicing or if it was the real thing.  Related to the brush fire smoke?  I say again, nothing on the news.

I walked 6.26 miles today, some of that up some very steep hills, I tells yah!  My feet are tired, my back is bowed.

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