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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tuesday On The Town

I walked down to the store to check on a geocache someone couldn't find.  The Harbour Patrol vehicles seem to be suffering some maintenance issues.

At the cache I spotted the camo but I didn't pull it out because of all the people walking around.  So I un-suspiciously took a picture of bushes...

Can you see it in there?

I also checked on another one. It was it its place, too.

I watered the yard when I got home, and I am making spaghetti, for the very first time, for dinner. Canned sauce, though!

I was saddened to hear a few minutes ago of the passing of Shirley Temple. I loved her movies, and I even vaguely remember watching, in my youth, the television show she hosted.

I have to go in on Friday for another blood test.  Something about my blood sugar being a bit high.  Oh, come on, it's not THAT high!

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Deanne said...

How did your second blood test go? My blood sugars are fine but my cholesterol is high. Calculated the ratios and because my HDLs are high---my ratios are ideal?! Go figure. I did find out that I'm low in Vit D. So now I'm taking a supplement along with my multivitamin. Joy.

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