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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Of This And That, And That Again

Yesterday was the last day of rain.  Below are more pictures from January 20th, the Day Of The Big Flood.

There is a little tiny stream coming down the slope from the left.  The down hill neighboring house to the right got a bit flooded, and the owner was not happy. 

Wet wet wet!

I managed to break my bird feeder trying to mount the seed catcher securely, so I went to the hardware store and bought me an official Audubon feeder today, one that fits the seed catcher.  It is very nicely made, mostly all metal.  Too bad they didn't clean the threads on the bottom for the screws that hold on the seed catcher.  I don't know how some little ol' lady with arthritic hands could manage, I had QUITE a bit of trouble myself!

After that exciting and dramatic night photo I have nothing else to say.

Thanks for reading!

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