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Friday, January 13, 2017

Drizzle Drizzle

It's been rain and drizzle all morning, but it seems to be clearing up in the afternoon.  It is 55 F outside right now, which is 4:21 PM.

I went caching in the drizzle this morning near Descanso.

The Reader article about Roberts Ranch and Ellis Ranch access.

One cache required a bit of stealthy and possibly not-entirely-legal hiking.  But there was a good view!

This is one panorama I did.

Then I thought better of it and did another, which captures the road to Descanso on the left.

I don't know what this is, is it cow related?  It's a cache, anyway!

I visited the Ellis Ranch Cemetery.  It is interesting and historical.  I walked around and looked at most of the markers.

Close-up of the informational plaque.

This was a particularly poignant marker. I straightened up some of the light-powered things (what DO you call those?) that had been blown over by the wind.  Which was MOST of them!

After leaving the cemetery there was one more cache, then the long trek back to the vehicle!

One of the caches had this "picture" in it.  The artist is Eoin O'Connor.  Ain't it something?

Now back to home to dry my shoes!

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