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Monday, January 02, 2017

The First Post of the New Year!

January 1, 2017

A trip to the Mountains to see if there is any snow left to see.  I figured there would be CROWDS at Laguna Mountain so we drove through Cuyamaca State Park.

Not a lot of snow, but we are lower down here.

There was a ranger-type waving his arms to prevent anyone from coming into the parking/picnic/camping area.  Full up or close, I couldn't make out.  The temps were in the 40s, the snow was a bit slushy.

Not too much traffic out today.

Famous last words, not too much traffic...

Oh boy, we got traffic, and it is very very slow.  More snow, though!

Snowy tree.

It's blurry, but it's snow!

She and the guy up by the red truck were running down the road.  Was it because of the Highway Patrol we just past who was writing parking tickets?

And that is why the traffic is slow, vehicles entering and parking along the road.

Trash from the visitors.  Ain't that pretty?

We're stopped so it's OK, but there were a lot of pedestrians about, and not always paying attention to the vehicles driving.

Well, there's a classic photo.  I will entertain offers to purchase.

I laughed, it's true, it's gotta be the best pie in town! It's the ONLY pie in town!  Did not get to try, no parking available!

Huh, what does that sign say behind that lady? I can't quite read it.

Highway Patrol patrolling, and the traffic is speeding up a bit.

We turned on to the Sunrise Highway and found a parking lot we could stop in and throw some snow balls at each other.

There was a guy throwing snowballs, made with a snowball maker, to his poor dog who tried to retrieve them.  Hilariously sad!

We forgot our sled!

Not a lot of traffic as we head south on the Sunrise Highway. The signs said "Chains Required", but no on was checking, so we figured they had not changed the signs back.

Well, that is just poor editing, posting what is essentially the same picture again!

More cars along side the road as we get closer to the lodge.

And it is getting darker and colder!

Well, I can't remember anything much here, just a bunch more pics as we drive south on the Sunrise Highway to the 8.

More snow than in Cuyamaca, to be expected.


Lots of traffic, about two miles slow, but coming the other way, thank goodness.

Finally on the 8, the view heading back to San Diego.  We went to Imperial Beach to look at the pier, and I found three geocaches.  With some help!!

A view of the setting sun from the clubhouse window at the Balboa Park golf course.

We had dinner at Rudford's.  I had an Ortega Burger with onion rings.

Now I am up to date on pics!

What about stats? Bicycle, that is...

I rode 16 miles in 2016.  All on Jamis.  Well, I rode maybe ten miles on the Raleigh, but it doesn't have a mile counter.  Too old school!

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