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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Three Doggies

We went to the grocery store the other day and I was amused by jars of salsa.  And the taco shells. I can't explain it.

I hope you remember these are just thumbnails and you can "click the pic" to see the original size!!

My daughter said there were more spices from Mexico here than were available in the stores in Mexico!

What I had for dinner on January 2nd.  It was very good.  Broccoli soup! With pork on the plate over there!

On January 3rd I was over by Gillespie Field looking for a geocache. I took a picture of these aircraft parts (through the fence!) and spent a couple of hours trying to figure what kind of plane that yellow one was.  Well, it is an AT-6 Texan, I believe, and it's TWO of them! Or at least PARTS of two of them!

Same day, I guess, later on I went past the Lake Murray Blvd. old/new Jack In The Box joints that I had heard about.  I took some pictures of them for posterity.

If you were on Facebook you might have seen two other pictures from the 60s that I took standing right in front of this old Jack.

I may be dreaming, but I'm pretty sure there used to be a big ol' Jack In The Box on the roof. A LONG time ago!

The new one is  now open for business.

On January 5th I happened by the Serra Mesa branch library to use their parking lot as a staging area for an assault on a geocache.  Saw this, glad I'VE never done that. Right?

This Jeep ain't no "Mall Crawler".  But it DOES kinda bring down the tone of the  neighborhood.  Or maybe it raises it, what do I know?  I know I like it.  Just needs a winch!

Dinner for January 6th, but not mine!  I had a GIANT carne asada burrito. Banana for scale.

On January 7th we went to Palomar College to look at the trees, mostly, and the plants.  They have labeled a goodly number of the trees and plants, so it is very interesting walking around.  Also, there are various art installations.  This abandoned water feature was on top of the hill in the arboretum area. The vandalized electrical box powered a pump.  There is a water outlet hidden in the rocks, and the pool is outlined with rocks.

This popcorn looks defective, as I said on Facebook.  I didn't even try to eat it, I would surely break one of my precious crowns.

On January 10th I went out to the Torrey Pines Reserve Extension to get three geocaches that I didn't get last time, as they were missing.  They were all replaced, so time to get it done!

Link to map (GIF format) of location and trails of the Torrey Pines Reserve Extension.

Spider web with dew drops jewels.  The spider says "Please dew drop in"??

On the eastern side of the Extension, looking east.  In Real Life you could see the reflections (in those windows) of vehicles passing by on the freeway, which is right in front of those buildings.

Still on the eastern side of the preserve, looking south.  There is the 5 heading off to San Diego.  I thought it was going to rain today, but it did not.

Looking west from the eastern side of the Preserve we can see Torrey Pines beach, and the Torrey Pines Grade, so beloved of bicyclists.  Might be a Coaster going by on that track way down there.

This one is pretty zoomed in and cropped, that certainly looks like a Coaster.

Last time I was here, a couple of months ago, this tree was standing.  And I thought it was the where the cache might be.  It was not.

Walking back to the vehicle I spied this cement ring.  I wonder what it was for, way out here?

I drove a few blocks to the northern side of of the Preserve, and hiked over to the western side.  This geocache was one I had a lot of trouble finding.  And yet, there it is, in pretty much plain sight, and reasonably un-small, too.  I covered it up a little better though.  Make the next guy suffer a bit. 

A panorama shot at the south end of the DAR trail (see map link)  Ain't that pretty?  And the trees smelled so good, too!

Pretty much the same thing as a single image.  Print it out and frame it!

Walking back, this is looking down into the valley.  We came up from there last time, but this time I parked in a closer and higher spot.  What are those black things hanging on the PVC pipes?  I don't know!!

The sign, so I don't forget!  Here's another link to an article about hiking the Torrey Pines Reserve Extension trails.

One of the caches I found here was part of a series with a 101 Dalmatians theme.  I'm guessing there are 101 of them.  I've only found around 20.  I found the one here, then I drove over to the end of Mira Mesa Blvd. and found two more.  That makes three doggies today.

Then I went home and took a nap.

Thanks for reading!

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