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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Snow Day

One of the reasons we headed off to the mountains this morning as to ascertain whether there was any snow left.  As we see in this photo, yes, there was snow.  Not a LOT of snow, mind you.

There is a short video on The FB showing this snowball, or one very like it, being thrown at your humble photographer.  What a sad state of affairs...

We saw several snowmen being constructed along the Sunrise Highway in area that had more snow than this.  I saw a FIELD of abandoned snowmen, too.  It was very sad.

So much sadness today...

We found a bunch of geocaches today.  Nine, to be precise.  We hiked about, rounding up, 4 miles, to Big Laguna Lake and back.

It was in the 40s F most of the day, but got chilly on the way back to the car.  We drove higher and the temperature dropped into the high 30s.  My driver turned on the heated seats.  Why don't I have heated seats in MY vehicle?

 Coming back via Cuyamaca there was a lot of cloud activity, and I notice that it was pretty windy, what with a flag almost fully extended.  Duh, probably why the clouds were moving past at such a rate.  Too bad I didn't made a video of THAT!

This is at Cuyamaca Lake.

This is a little further down the road.  The clouds were very pretty, but the poles and wires were not.

Tendrils. That is the word I trying to think of.  Tendrils of clouds reaching down to the water.

On the freeway 8 it got pretty dark all of a sudden, but with an opening through the clouds to see the light above.

That is about it for today!  Thanks for reading!

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