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Sunday, February 05, 2017

I'm Too Lazy To Even Put The Picture Dates On Here!

I guess I have not been posting much lately.  Many of these pictures have appeared on Facebook.  Remember that you can click on the thumbnails to see the full size picture!

I walked over to the mailbox to mail the bills.  I saw this car I thought was flagrantly parked.  Turned out I was wrong.  Funny how those three license plates all look the same, isn't it?

Saw this can of soup sitting there on the same walk!

Out geocaching one Saturday I saw this cable running from the ground across to the building. Why?

I was so excited I took three pictures of it!

I bet the fence is to keep people like me from hanging on it...

Dinner.  I forget what it was called.  It was pretty good!

New bird feeder, after breaking the old one.  Birds seem happy.

We went to Ramona to see the antiques stores.  I bought this pencil sharpener.  Only, it's not a pencil sharpener!  It's a lead holder pointerer!

This does not work!

Geocaching above Willow Glen Dr. in Rancho San Diego or thereabouts.


Detail: Yes, it is a very steep hill!

Eye level with the power tower!

Zoom back a bit for a more comprehensive view?

A lame joke about camoflage, just ignore this.

This was probably left-over pizza from the Ramona trip that I had for lunch.

I bought a lead holder just to complete the set.  It used 2mm lead.

I think this picture is a little better. I re-posed the eraser.

I planted some Firestick plants.

The other one.

Then I went to urgent care as my eye hurt and rivers of snot were running out of my nose.  I guess I rubbed my eye with some of the sap from the Firestick plant.  Not fun!


Geocaching on Miller Ranch Road/Echo Canyon Road.

Some computer parts.  Need a keyboard?

A bad apple if ever I saw one.

Looking south towards Proctor Valley Road.

Is one dice a die?  Coyotes got it, I guess.

The consensus was that this is a coyote track.

Tracks were in line with each other.

More rotten fruit.

If you really zoom in on the big picture you can spot where I parked.  I guess that is Mt. Helix back there, I didn't even realize it.

I got a new headlamp. Now I'm ready for night operations.

Caught like a deer in a headlight.

A geocaching TOTT (Tool Of The Trade).

Finally found this one after several tries.  Needed a hint to finally make the grab, though.

I heard there was some sort of sporting event today, did anyone else know about that?

That is all for today!  Thanks for reading!

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