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Friday, January 20, 2017

Kinda Wet

January 16th -- Checking on a geocache of mine, I observed (through a fence!) a large pile of tie plates.

Later in the day (or maybe the 17th) I was fooling around, trying to attach a bird feeder seed catcher I had purchased.  One that didn't fit my particular bird feeder. I made a wooden plug to fit inside the boom of the feeder, but found that the catcher would not just screw in. Plus, it would be difficult to remove it for cleaning.  I found this brass fitting (from ancient days!) that fit the attachment screw perfectly, so I drilled a hole in the plug, and it worked perfectly!

And here it is, in place!  The birds were very happy!

The next morning I found the plug'n'plate on the ground.  The press-fit wasn't tight enough.  So I got out the drill and tried to drill a hole.  That went well, but when I screw it together I cracked the feeder, so it is no good now.  I guess I'll have to buy the correct feeder to fit the seed catcher, now!

January 18th -- Pancakes for dinner, and pancakes (sans butter and syrup) for bedtime snack.

January 20th -- Much rain today.  The yard is very very wet.

Panorma this is!  Large file size, too!

Later in the day  -- Later in the day, much MORE rain, much MORE wind.  Stuff knocked down, the down-hill neighbor reports flooding from the water in my yard topping the concrete wall separating the properties.   It's up to the property owner, now.

Another panorma.  This one is even larger!

The temps were in the low fifties today, but it rained 1.88 inches.  Pretty windy, but the wind meter only reports 4 MPH.  It's not in the optimum location, though.

Thanks for reading!

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