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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Yesterday, Which Was What, Wednesday?

I went down to the Big Bay yesterday morning to partake of a terrain level 5 rated geocache. A fellow geocacher supplied kayaks and there were five of us in four boats.  I was paired up with someone.

We started out at Pepper Park and headed south.  Along the way there were various waypoints where we had to observe something and derive a number for to eventually calculate the final coordinates.   I was so out of my element that I didn't even keep track of the numbers, I was just trying to keep up and survive.  I didn't realize how WET it was going to be, and I did not EVEN want to take my phone out of the drysack it was thankfully in! 

I had one attack of feeling sick and weak, so I ate a granola bar.  I complained a lot, but I felt better after a while and we continued on our way.  My poor boat-mate had to listen to me, though!

Eventually we ended up down by the little shipyard (Marine Group Boat Works) where it turned out the San Salvador was being launched.  I think the launch happened while we were in the area, but didn't see it happen.  We saw the ship, though, and near it was another sailing ship, I think it was HMS Surprise.

So here is the picture at one of the spots we beached at.  

Low tide was probably not the best time to be out here, it was very shallow.  Quite a number of times my boat-mate hopped out and pushed the kayak along, as it was easier than paddling, he said.  He saw rays sometimes.  He kept saying "There's a skate!" and I didn't even realize what he was talking about until later!

I'm sure glad I didn't step on any!.  NOTE: I just looked it up.  Skates are harmless to humans, they don't have "stingers".  Not being able to identify which is which, though, I think I shall avoid both!

Somewhere along the way back the others figured out where the final location was and we waded ashore to sign the log, then headed back to the park. 

I'm glad I went on this adventure, but I WAY over estimated my capabilities.  I was so tired and uncomfortable, and I felt bad about being so whiny.  On the other hand, I found out that I'm not terrified to be on a kayak (discounting the moments when the tide was pushing us towards a large car-carrier ship that was berthed near the park!) and I think I could handle short distances, Four hours on the water was just too much for me, though!

I only had three sunburned spots, one little on under my nose (but above the mustache) and one on each foot, in the same spot, where possibly the water shoe rubbed off the sun screen.  I wore long SPF pants and a long sleeve SPF shirt, with sun screen underneath.  I also brought gloves, but they both turned out to be right hand gloves, so one hand was in the sun.  But it doesn't seem to have burned.  I think the generic Albertson's water-resistant sun screen did a pretty good job!

Thanks for reading!

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