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Monday, July 27, 2015

A View Of The Sea From The Table?

I went up to the Miramar and Mira Mesa areas yet again today, Sunday, to find some geocaches that I didn't get the previous two days.

But what you are gonna get here is a hodge podge of images from the last few days, with little narrative.  'Cause it's eleven at night here, man!

This one was from July 21st when I went to Balboa Park.  The oak trees down there are part of the Bennington Memorial Oak Grove.  Here is a tiny bit of information. Parking is difficult. As far as I can see you have to park at the top of the hill (south of the grove) and walk down.

By the way, have you ever heard of LA PUNTA DE LOS MUERTOS? Neither had I!  It is a historical landmark in San Diego, though!

Found this fun little guy!  Link to video. MOV format, 24 MB file size!!

On Friday the 24 I went to Miramar again, doing my labs AND doing some geocaching. One palce I went to was here, some sort of "dock" that had a marvelous view of the valley below.

A valley that had trains going through!

So I just HAD to do a selfie!!

That evening, Friday, I was baking frozen pizza and managed to touch the oven-hot pan.  Woah, that hurt!  Hurt for three hours!  Except when I had it in a glass of water/ice cubes.  There is only one long white spot, and one teeny tiny white spot, that seem to be actual blisters.  But the WHOLE end of the thumb hurt so much I was tempted to go to the ER!  But I did not.

It was very difficult taking the picture.  Focus and lighting and twisting my hand around.  I took a tripod outside to the sun and shot the pic bracing against a saw horse I made from plans in Mother Earth News (he says modestly). 

The tree rings on the wood were interesting so I tried to take a picture of them, too.  I don't quite have the hang of macro mode, which is what I used for both of these pics.

OK, we are up to today, Sunday the 26th.  Here is a rather steep hill I was on, right at the GZ for the cache, actually.  The camera somehow makes the hill look less steep than it is.  It was possible to slide down the hill if one wasn't careful.  I was careful.  THIS time!

When I got to the bottom I had to walk along the rocky stream bed for some distance.  Interesting, but tricky.

Later on I drove to a cache name Cemetery View.  It was only fifty feet down the hill from the parking spot, but it was a STEEP and BUSHY fifty feet!

On the way back to the vehicle I found someone's cell phone!  Ain't that cool, an iPhone 5c, blue in color, with a leather case.  Just like miiinnneeee...oh....

The last cache I did required a bit of walking.  Here is the view of Sorrento Valley about a quarter mile in.  I had to backtrack a bit and head down a road into a deep canyon.

At the bottom of the canyon was a very long drainage ditch.  There was even a little bit of water in it.  Lots of tagging indicates that skateboarders like to come here.  I can imagine!

It was pretty warm down in the canyon, so it was nice to get back out into the breezes!  I called my son and we met up for lunch.  I  had an enchilada, a burrito, and refried beans. Maybe ate too much, my eyes must have been bigger than my stomach.  Next, either one should suffice.  At least I didn't eat the rice!

And lastly, I want to announce that I completed this week's Reader crossword without looking up anything.  After finishing I checked the ones I was not sure of, and had only two errors.  So, I am just busting my buttons here!

Thanks for reading!

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