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Saturday, July 18, 2015

A Bit Of Friday, But Mostly Saturday


A bumper sticker I saw yesterday on the way to the lab.  Paranoid much?

Crummy picture I posted on the FB showing my arm/bandage after doing labs.


 After getting gassed this morning I saw this little (I hope) accident at El Cajon and Baltimore.

On a trust walk geocache in Harbison Canyon.  Photo by Navalav8tor.  It was very disorienting to take walk a dirt path blindfolded, let me tell you!

It started raining really hard while I was driving on the freeway.  Trying to get the phone/camera in position I managed to take a picture of my floor mat.

Well, it was not THAT blinding, no, not at all.  But traffic was down to fifty on the freeway with all the thunder-rain!

On El Cajon Blvd. the streets are wet.  They are all dry now, though.  More rain, more rain!

Fourteen more caches found today, mostly while walking Dehesa Road.

On the way back to the vehicle a light rain started.  A lady in an SUV coming out of the casino offered me a lift, but I declined.  A little rain never hurt anyone! But thanks, I said!

Thanks for reading!

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Deanne said...

Is that a picture of an infamous IV bandage?

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