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Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Friday

Last Sunday Matt and I went to Laguna Mountain and did some walking of the trails. Here is a picture I took,  you might be able to see the Sunrise Highway crossing that open area way out there.

On Wednesday I walked up the Dehesa Road hill towards Alpine to find some caches, thirteen or fourteen, I forget.  I heard some noise in the bushes and I thought maybe it was wolves, or maybe coyotes,  but after a while this dog came out down the road, and a couple of minutes later two more came out even further along.  A couple of bicyclists coming the other way thought the dogs were mine.  I declined responsibility.
Can you spot the bicyclist way down the road there!

I went to the oncologist today.  He pocked and prodded and sent an order for a CT scan, and some lab work.  Ought to hear about the blood work next week sometime, I guess.

I went geocaching afterwards and found/signed three, spotted one (for tomorrow, early), and didn't find three.  So that was a bit of OK, then.

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